Welcome to the Trooper Chick Lifestyle™!

The Trooper Chick Lifestyle™ is a movement & online community for amazingly strong women who’ve survived a difficult relationship, cheating, abuse, or heartbreak and are dedicated to becoming stronger on the other side of it. It’s for all the ladies who are ready to make a change in their relationships, their lives, & are ready to take back their power!

Trooper Chicks have their own Manifesto they live by, and you can get access to it for FREE! If you're interested in what it means to be a Trooper Chick, or you're ready to step into the Trooper Chick Lifestyle™ , head on over to get your FREE Trooper Chick Lifestyle Manifesto!

Trooper Chick Podcast

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Trooper Chick Boot Camp

Are you ready to make it official & join the other awesome ladies who are serious about making a change in their lives? Train in Trooper Chick Boot Camp so you an become a CERTIFIED Trooper Chick & get your exclusive invitation to become an official member of the Trooper Chick Lifestyle™!

Trooper Chick  Boot Camp is a 7 Day online self-study program designed to walk you through the steps of getting into the Trooper Chick Mentality!

In just 7 days, you'll get: 

  • 5 Days of Boot Camp with a new lesson every single day!
  • A workbook ready for you to write your answers to the homework assignments
  • Clarity on who you are and what you’re looking for in a relationship moving forward
  • You’ll learn how to start letting your inner Trooper Chick shine through
  • You’ll learn more about your worth, you’ll gain confidence, and you’ll learn how to start showing yourself love
  • You’ll be joining an amazing group of women who are strong, confident, and unbelievably AWESOME!
  • You’ll graduate from the course in as little as ONE WEEK, with your Trooper Chick Certification!
  • You’ll be fully inducted into the Official Trooper Chick Lifestyle at the end of Boot Camp!

If you’re ready to make some changes and ready to dig deep and do the work… you’re ready to train in Boot Camp!