Ep. 12: Who’s Really WASTING YOUR TIME… Him? Or You??

Ok, ok, we’ve all said it… we don’t wanna try dating that cute guy because, “he’ll probably just be a waste of time!” But then we turn right around and complain about how single we are. So who’s really wasting your time here?? 


Is it him? Or is it you??? 👀


Listen, I totally understand what you mean when you say you don’t want to waste time on someone. I mean who wants to waste time on some dude who isn’t serious about having a real relationship??


But this phrase “he’s probably just gonna be a waste of time,” is actually just an excuse we use alllll the time so that we don’t have to get out of our comfort zone… so we don’t have to put ourselves out there & so we don’t have to give someone a chance.


But here’s a newsflash for you: It may not be a waste of time to try something new!


This “waste of time” excuse has been used soooo many times… Hell, even I’ve used it! And probably more times than I can count.


Every time I met a guy, I instantly told myself he’d probably be a waste of time. It could be that he didn’t look like my type, or he didn’t have a great job… or even something small like his laugh reminded me of my ex. Whatever it was, I’d just instantly decide to say he’s probably a waste of time and I wouldn’t even give it a chance.


Sound familiar?


Here’s the saddest part though… I wasn’t happy being single. I wanted a relationship bad, and I really wanted to find true love!... But the problem was, even though I wanted a man, for any man that came along I had the same excuse: “eh, he’s probably just gonna be a waste of my time.” And I blocked myself from any relationship potential.


So how would I ever actually become happy???


I wasn’t going anywhere, just going in circles. I wasn’t happy being single, I wasn’t happy trying to start a new relationship, but somehow I seriously expected love. How?! (I guess I thought it would fall from the sky!)


The point is… You have to be willing and open to try new things.


Sometimes we even use this “waste of time” excuse when we’re IN a relationship with someone who is proving to truly be a waste of time. He’s playing games, messing around on you, or has no ambition or drive to go anywhere in life. And we’ll sit there and complain about how he’s wasting our time and how we’re pissed about it… but we still stay with him because we love him.


The problem with both of these “waste of time” excuses is that we actually are wasting our own time by saying he’s a waste of time.


Because if you’re in a relationship with someone who you KNOW is wasting your time… LEAVE! We’re wasting time by saying he’s a waste of time and not taking action or doing anything about it!


And it’s the same thing when we repeat the excuse when we’re single. You’re wasting your own time complaining that someone could be a waste of time… yet you’re still upset in life because of your singleness! 


If you realllly want a bf, you can totally get one! You’re smart, beautiful, amazing, driven. But if you instantly think that every man is probably a waste of your time, you’re holding yourself back from your future.


Let’s answer a very important question: Is the time that you’re talking about wasting even valuable???


We sit at home watching tv, binging on Netflix, talking to our friends, and stalking people on social media, WISHING that we had a great love life. But all of that is your down time; empty hours that you fill with nonsense meaningless tasks most of the time. So if you’re worried about wasting time talking to someone new, then why aren’t you worried about all this other precious time you’re actually wasting???


See if we just put ourselves out there and actually TRIED talking to someone new, we could be filling that down time with building a relationship instead of wasting time on Netflix for hours. And the thing is, something great COULD actually come out of it…. you might actually find who you’ve been waiting for. 


If you’re unhappy with where you’re at in your life right now, how could you even say that trying something new would be a waste of time??? In order to have a different outcome, you have to do something differently! So if you’re unhappy with your love life, it may be time to stop trying so hard to stay single. 🤔


You don’t know what could happen! Trying something new could be the best decision of your life! It may actually fill your life with joy, happiness, and love!


Being worried that someone might waste your time is complete BS.


Because if you’re not 100% happy with your life as it is today, it is NEVER a waste of time to try something new that could actually bring you happiness.


And yes, you’re right… it very well COULD be a waste of time. There ARE some guys out there who actually are a waste of your time. But the moment you realize a guy is playing games, messing around, and simply just wasting your time… leave! Just don’t jump to conclusions about EVERY. single. guy you meet and say he’s probably a waste of time. ‘Cause you never know unless you give it a chance.


Even if someone turns out to be a waste of time, you may learn an important life lesson from that relationship… but you honestly never know unless you give it a shot.


It could turn out to be the best love story of your life!


If you’re single but you’re wishing you had a boo… you’ve gotta be willing to work for it. If you’re life isn’t bringing you joy right now, it means everything you’re doing isn’t working! And you have to try something new so you can find something that does bring you joy!


Honestly… this excuse of “he’s a waste of my time” is just a fear of trying something new. It’s our way of staying in our comfort zone.


But we have to stop wasting our time with this excuse. We’re not getting any younger. Life isn’t on pause. The longer you use that excuse to keep you “safe”, the more years you’ll be single… And then one day you’ll look up and see your whole life passed you by and you never gave any guy a chance! 


So stop blocking what could be your next blessing!


If you’re unwilling to try new things… you’ll never ever find that one thing that makes you truly happy in life.


Do something new that will inspire a great positive change in your life and bring you joy, happiness, and possibly love!


Quote of the day:
“If you’re not 100 percent happy with your life today, it is never a waste of time to try something that could get you there.”
-Gary Vaynerchuk



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