Ep 8: STOP COMPARING YOURSELF & Just Live Your Life!

Hey hey chick! Today I want to talk to you about the social media comparison disease we’re all guilty of!


We look at experts and celebrities online, on tv, on social media, on youtube… and we get SO wrapped up in how great their lives are. We get so involved in just looking at their great life that we start to feel like our life sucks.


We start to feel like our life is just... shit! 💩


But honestly, the few minutes that you see online is just the part of their life that they WANT you to see!


We don’t get to see people’s “behind the scenes” on their highlight reel. They actually cut out the shitty pictures and the shitty moments so we don’t see it.


People only post what they feel comfortable sharing with you, and most of the time, that’s only the positive things.


Everybody has difficult moments and shitty times. Nobody’s life is just perfect every day. So you don’t need to feel depressed and mad because your life looks NOTHING like their portrayed life.


If you constantly compare yourself and your life to the famous successful people online, you’re never going to get anywhere. Because life really is not up to comparison. We are all unique and have unique perspectives and experiences! 


We ALL have opportunities and blessings that are made JUST for us. 


So whoever you’re watching on social media or on tv who you think has a bomb ass life… I want you to know that YOU can also live a life that’s just as awesome (or even better!) than theirs!!!


You can choose to live a life that’s amazing to you, go out there and just start! Or you can choose to dwell in your sadness and continue to attract sucky situations to you.


Instead of constantly comparing yourself to others or feeling jealous because their life looks great, why not get inspired by them?! I used to watch Say Yes to the Dress and feel upset that they all found their dream guy while I was stuck in a shitty relationship. But once I changed my mindset and stopped comparing, I started to feel inspired! If they found their dream guy… so could I! And I believed it would happen for me at the right timing.


Stop getting depressed by watching someone else love Their life.


If you find that you easily get mad or jealous about someone else’s success or happiness, I need you to take a look at your life and figure out what is making you feel that way??? What are you unhappy about in your own life??? What do YOU want to do with YOUR LIFE??? And then take your situation and make it the BEST for YOU!


Lives are not meant to be compared. Because not everybody is the same. We all have things that happen at the right time for us. If someone is shining right now, you don’t need to be mad about it. Your time to shine might be next!


You are given one life, and it’s up to you to MAKE things happen for yourself. Success doesn’t just fall right into your lap. It's up to you to make it happen!


We may feel like someone's life is awesome and wonder why our life isn’t like that. But the reason why their life looks so much better than yours right now is because they’re out there LIVING IT, and you’re just sitting there watching them.


You have to make life happen for you!


Go to school if you want a degree, go fix ur resume if you want a new job, start the business if you want that type of success, look for a good man if you want a new relationship.


It’s all up to you to take the first steps.


You can’t get anywhere in your life by just wishing someone else’s life was yours.


Every single minute you spend wishing their life was yours is time wasted in your own life!!!


You’re not going to make anything happen in your life until you START. Start working on something, just one thing that will help propel you into the type of success you really want.


Go out there. Live your life. Just DO IT!


Don’t be mad about someone else living their life and having a great time. YOU can be living your life and having a great time too!


Do you even realize that there are already people out there looking up to you, wishing they had your life!? YOU ARE AWESOME! And you already got this!!


There are amazing blessing and opportunities right in front of you, waiting for you to just accept them and let them in. Grab them!!!!


People who are successful in life are no more special than you are. We are all just normal people, just human-beings. The celebrities and people online are REAL LIFE PEOPLE too! They don’t have anything extra in their life that you don’t have access to.


We all have the capability to go out there and have the life we dream of. We just have to shape it into how we want it to be, and take the opportunities & take action.


It’s up to you. You can allow yourself to be someone who watches social media and youtube and tv your whole life, just wishing it could be you…. or you can choose to go out there and go after the dreams you have! You have he ability to never settle!


People aren’t luckier, prettier, smarter, more talented, easier to love, or more outgoing than you. Thats’ not why they found success. They just took action. And you are capable of that too.


That great life you see them living… it can be yours! That can be you! Take what’s yours. Use the skills you have, take advantage of the tools and resources you have in your life, use your gifts, and create the life you want!


Everyone has failures, mistakes, and shitty days. But everyone on social media highlights only the positive things. You need to start highlighting the good things in your life too. Don’t dwell on the shittiness. Dwell on the positive.


Live life for yourself. Do what makes you happy! Don’t dwell on everyone else and what they're doing.


You have a fabulous life in front of you that’s just waiting for you to live it!


So stop comparing yourself to others! And stop trying to compete. There’s enough success to go around to everyone who is open to receive it.


Life is too short to be comparing or competing. Just do you boo. Do you, and shine honey!!


Quote of the day:
“A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.” -Zen Shin




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