Ep 3: Mental Blocks, AFRAID to Get His Number, MAKE THE DECISION & GO GET WHAT YOU WANT!

Let's talk about what's really stopping you from asking that guy for his number.

The fear of asking a guy for his number  probably has nothing to do with you being shy to talk to him, but has everything to do with your mindset.

In our past relationship fails, we’ve developed a thick skin and a habit to stay away from that sorta thing! Just like when you burn your hand on the stove and your body naturally reminds you every single time you’re near a stove to be careful & don’t get too close!

We’ve built up these mind blocks around love, relationships & dating that are supposed to keep us safe. And it’s up to us to actually let those blocks go. 

If you have a dream of getting married some day and having an awesome family of your own… you can’t actually get there if you continue to hold on to these mental blocks. 

The problem with you asking a guy for his number is that you have established a very strong mental block in your mind. It’s like a wall that you refuse to climb over. And the fear of asking him isn’t the actual problem… it’s that we are SO scared that he might say NO!

We’re so scared of getting rejected that we’d rather just stay in our comfort zone of being single so we don’t have to hear those horrifying words! We’d literally rather stay single just so we can avoid possible rejection. 

But how are we everrr going to get to our dream goal of getting married and having a family if we aren’t taking the steps to allow that to happen in our lives????

You absolutely have to let go of your mental blocks around love, relationships & dating to actually move forward towards that dream.

And honestly, you shouldn’t be too scared of rejection! Because… do you even realize how much guys are really interested in women who are confident enough to talk to him and make the first move???? GIRLLL lol guys dig that shit!

But in all seriousness… if you want a serious relationship some day, you gotta work towards it cuz he’s not just gonna fall from heaven and land at your door step at random.

And if you’re unhappy with being single, that means you’ve gotta change it up. You’ve gotta get out of your comfort zone to make something change in your life. If you’re single, and a guy rejects you… what’s gonna happen?? Nothing. You’ll still be single. So why not take the chance to see if he might say yes?

If you’re comfortable being single & continuously staying in that "single" mindset, that dream guy of yours is never gonna come! You’ll never find him that way. You have to have a mindset of “I’m gonna get what I want! Yep, I’m gonna find that guy I’ve been dreaming of!!!” 

That means you’ve gotta be open to dating, open to relationships, & open to making the first move if you have to.

If you want to make something work, you’ll figure it out.

Change your mindset into being & feeling ready to receive love and healthy, happy relationships. Because if you don’t have a mindset of believing it can happen and being ready for it… if you don’t believe it’s possible, then you aren’t allowing yourself to even come close to reaching your ultimate goal.

You truly have to be ALL IN in your mind that you are open to receiving love from whatever persons God sends your way. And you have to be open to trying new relationships. And you can’t be scared to get into a new relationship, or to start dating. Cuz whatever guy you try talking to… whether that guy is there for the long-haul and ends up being your soulmate, or he’s just there to stick around for a season, every relationship happens to teach you a lesson. So just be open for possibilities & lessons.

By not trying to get into a relationship, we think we’re playing it safe. But you can’t stay safe in the single zone forever, not if you eventually want to settle down and start a family.

Being in a good, loving, happy relationship is truly a DECISION.

If you’re over there overanalyzing and picking guys apart, thinking he’s not worth your time before you even try… you really aren’t doing yourself any favors. Because you’ll never know if he’s the one or not unless you actually give him a chance.

So the first thing you need to do is decide. If you want to find your dream guy rn… you have to decide! Decide that that’s what you want and you’re not gonna stop until you find him! Because I promise, you’ll make it work if you decide that thats what you want.

With decision comes action, intention, manifestation, & execution. 


#1: Action

Once you decide on what you’re looking for in life, you’ll start taking the steps to make it happen. You’ll start searching for a great guy, you’ll be ready to ask for numbers, ready to date, ready to find love.

#2: Intention

You won’t be dating someone just because… you’ll actually be dating with intention. You’ll be looking for someone who takes you seriously and has great characteristics. You won’t be settling for some guy who’s just looking for hookups.

#3: Manifestation

When you make a decision & stick to it, you start putting a different type of energy out into the world. When you show the universe what you’re looking for & make that statement, the universe will see that you were serious when you made that decision. And it will send you want you’re looking for. But you’ve gotta be 100% ALL IN with your decision.

If you can visualize what you want and feel the emotions of what you want in a relationship… you can manifest it and MAKE it happen!

#4: Execution

When you decide on what you want, execution also happens. You make your dreams become reality. When you know the feeling you’re chasing, you won’t stop until you reach it. 

But that means that you can’t just half-ass the execution. You can’t say “Oh I’m ready for my dream guy!” and then be totally shut down when you’re interested in a guy. You can’t ask for something and then turn down opportunities that are presented to you. Because that in turn just resends a signal to the universe that you AREN’T actually ready. 

You can’t trick the universe. EVER.

If you aren’t 100% in and you haven’t truly made the decision to be successful in relationships… its not gonna work.

Please note: It’s not a question of IF you can make it work… it's that you can’t be successful if you haven’t decided on what you want.

And here’s the thing… as a human, if you don’t want it bad enough, it’s not going to happen for you. You’ve gotta want it soooo bad that you make the decision to actually make it happen for yourself. When you decide that you want to be successful at this & you decide that you want a healthy relationship, it will happen for you.

Everything in life is a decision. It’s a choice.

Happiness is a decision. Single-ness is a decision. A relationship working or not working is a decision. Starting a conversation, or letting it pass you by is a decision. Everything is a decision that YOU make.

So be bold. Go after what you want. If he says no, it’s not meant to be. And you should be thankful for no’s because it filters out all the people who aren’t meant for you! And when you finally do hear a YES…. oh its sooooo worth it! lol

Being single right now may really suck. Or being in the relationships you’ve been in before might have REALLY sucked. But all the success stories you hear about women who’ve gotten married to their soulmates after having to deal with some shitty situations first… it’s because they hit rock bottom, and from that bad place they found a lot of pain, but they used that pain as fuel instead of seeing that sucky situation as the end of their story.

So if you’re in a bad place rn, that doesn’t mean that six months from now you cant be an entirely different person in a very different place. You can always change who you are and change your life.

You can make your own story. It’s your choice, your decision.

Quote of the Day:
“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson




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