Ep 5: Can you really MAKE HIM LOVE YOU??

Have you ever believed you could MAKE someone love you??? Does it work? We're answering this question once and for all in today's minisode.

Maybe you realllllyy like a guy, and you think that you can make him fall in love with you and everything will be perfect…

Or maybe you’ve been feeling like you can change yourself and then you’ll finally make your bf fall back in love with you! 

But can we really make someone love us???

I’m gonna tell you something… you are ONLY responsible for yourself. You are only in control of YOU. And only YOU know when you’re being true to yourself.

So if you continue to stay true to who you are, and someone doesn’t like you for that… why would you want to try and MAKE that person love you?

Changing yourself in order for a man to love you is scamming. It’s truly like you're FORCING someone to do something that’s unnatural to them. You’re not only forcing yourself to be someone you're not, but you're trying to force someone to fall in love with you when it’s not what they wanted...

Forcing someone to “love you” is never going to make you happy.

You deserve someone who loves you for you, who respects you, who thinks you’re freakin’ awesome. Because you ARE!!!

If you’re THAT scared of being single or alone that you’re ready to basically scam someone into being with you, then something is seriously wrong. You’ve gotta be okay with YOU and love YOU before anyone else will be able to.

Your worth is not determined by someone else’s opinion of you.

So if you want someone to love you forreal… here’s the secret: LOVE YOURSELF!

When you truly love yourself & can stand being alone by yourself because you love you… then other people will love you for exactly who you are as well. And they’ll love being around you!

Anyone who doesn’t appreciate you for exactly who you are isn’t worth your time.

So no, you can’t truly MAKE someone love you. You can try to… and it may work temporarily. 

But to find REAL LOVE that will last… you can’t force it with someone who doesn’t want you just the way you are.

Do yourself a huge favor, and don’t try to force love with someone who doesn’t deserve you!!!

Love yourself. And then you’ll attract the man who sees your worth, sees your great qualities, and loves you for you. And that, my friend, is the goal.

Quote of the Day:
“You cannot make someone love you. All you can do is be someone who can be loved. The rest is up to them to realize your worth.” -Unknown




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