Ep 11: Breakup EXCUSES... Does He Really Love You the Way You Love Him???

Have you ever heard the most annoying excuse from a man as to why he wants to break up??? I have! 


Some guys really come up with the WORST excuses for why they wana breakup.


When he says, “I just don’t think I’ll ever love you the way you love me.” … What the HELL does that even mean??? lol


I was watching a tv show Jane the Virgin and allll of a sudden her bf had this “epiphany” that he didn’t love her the way she loved him.


It was out of nowhere, and yes, after HE told her HE LOVED HER many, many times! It completely caught her off guard, and as you probably guessed, she was freakin’ devastated. 💔


But this BS excuse doesn’t just happen on tv, it happens in real life. And it’s happened to me…


My boyfriend (from over 5 years ago now) and I had been doing great! We had so much fun together, had a bunch of things in common, and never ran out of things to talk about. But all of a sudden, one random week, we had NOTHING to talk about. Things were changing. He suddenly didn’t have time for me… he forgot my birthday… and he randomly decided to break up with me. 


And do you know what his reasoning was?? 


He said he realized he could never love me the way I loved him.... WTF


I was soooo confused! 🤯

I was sad! 😢

I was mad 🤬

I was devastated 😭

And heartbroken 💔 (more like shattered beyond repair)


And I thought the whole relationship had to have been a complete lie.


He had said he loved me a thousand times… but did it mean anything??


I started to feel like I had just wasted a year of my time! (And Jane the Virgin felt the same way btw! lol)



But the real reason guys use this:

  1. It’s either a cover up for the real problem
  2. Or it’s an excuse he’s using to get out of the relationship in an easy way without too much confrontation & without you fighting to save the relationship. It’s his way of ending it with a clean cut so you both won’t have to drag out the relationship or try to fight for it.


When my bf told me he didn’t love me the way I loved him, I couldn’t fight it. Of course I was sad and heartbroken… but I had to let him go because I knew I couldn’t MAKE him love me back.


Oh but wait…  a year later we ended up back together... HOW?


Well… Because the truth came out!!! He actually DID love me, he just didn’t know how to break up with me besides saying those words: that he didn’t feel like he loved me the same way I loved him.


His real reason for leaving was so that he could join the army without having to leave me here waiting or him. He said he didn’t want to hurt me by leaving and making me deal with him being away for so long at a time. So his solution was to just break up with me with a clean cut, and leave it at that.


Since he didn’t want to hurt me, he broke up with me, thinking that the way he did it would ultimately be less painful than if he had just came to me with the truth.


Uhhh newsflash! Heartbreak hurts! Anyway you look at it.


And a lie that he didn’t love me hurt more than the truth would have.



(Oh and Jane the Virgin Spoiler Alert… On the show the truth came out too! He had really broken up with her because he felt like he was in a dark place and he didn’t want to drag her into the dark place with him. So instead of telling the truth, he lied and said he didn’t love her the same, hoping it would ultimately be less painful than if she got sucked into the dark place he was in.)


So when a guy says, “I just don’t love you the way you love me,” I’m almost positive that there’s an underlying reason for why he said that.


Back up a bit and see what happened before this crazy random news. What signs showed??


It’s likely that the real reason for the breakup happened in a discussion or an argument or some life-changing event within the few weeks prior to him coming up with this random “I don’t love you the same way” BS.


There IS a possibility that he got caught up in the idea of love & a relationship & a family, and that he said I love you without truly meaning it. But it’s rare. Most people aren’t gonna say those 3 words without really meaning it first! (They’re some serious words!)


How is it possible to say i love you and not mean it in the same way as the other person unless you’re a straight up liar? 


I personally think it’s just an excuse,  just a cover up.


So think back:

  • What events happened to get to that point?
  • Did you have any issues?
  • An argument?
  • Any significant events that happened and changed you or him?


If it’s none of the above, think about the whole relationship:

  • Was it genuine?
  • Did he ever really love you?
  • OR was he just caught up in the idea of loving you?



The truth may be that he just realized he actually doesn’t love you or he fell out of love with you.


And if that’s the case… it reallllllyyyy sucks. 😩


But again, the truth is better than a lie! Breakups suck either way. So we all just need to be honest and tell the real reason why the relationship is ending.


The truth hurts but lies hurt even more!


Anytime someone lies with the excuse, “I don’t love you the way you love me,” the truth eventually comes out anyway. And they run back saying I actually DO love you! I just was confused and didn’t know what to do...


And in the end you’re just playing with people emotions! 


So here’s some advice to ALL people in the world:


STOP PLAYING GAMES WITH PEOPLE! Love is a REAL emotion & it’s deep, and we choose to love the people we do. So stop playing around with people feelings!


It makes women crazy! lol 


Be truthful. Don’t say you love someone if you don’t truly mean it.  And stop f*ckin’ with people’s emotions! ✌🏽


Quote of the Day:
“Stay, or leave. But don’t fucking play with my feelings.” -Unknown


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