You Can Manifest ALL of Your Dreams in 2018!

Hey girl! As you start setting those goals and New Year’s Resolutions this month, it’s really important that you know that you CAN actually manifest any dream you have right into your life!

Whether you’re really wanting to lose weight, you want a healthy and fit body, or you’re ready to meet your soulmate, YOU can make it happen.

It really breaks down to a few simple steps, and they’re really easy to do!

The first step you can start adding to your daily routine is Visualization.

So what exactly is visualization???

Visualization is a simple technique where you simply close your eyes and envision yourself already having that dream you desire. So if you dream of having a healthy and fit body, you would close your eyes and imagine yourself already at your goal weight, and already super fit! 

They key here is to imagine not only what you’d look like, but how you FEEL! What will it feel like to be living in a healthy body? What do other people say to you about how you look? How would it feel walking into a restaurant knowing that you’ve got your food habits under control?

When you really get into the emotion and the feeling of that dream… that’s when we really benefit from these visualization techniques! It’s these emotions that we feel when envisioning ourselves already accomplishing those dreams and goals that trick our brain and our bodies into believing that we’ve already achieved it! And then subconsciously, we don’t feel like it’s an impossible or a totally out of reach goal anymore, because our brain has already made a connection to what it feels like when it’s actually achieved!

After you see your dream like it’s already happened, it’s time for the second step of manifestation: Making Room!

So this may sound a little silly at first, but you literally need to make room for your dreams to come into your life. And by that, I mean make room physically and mentally.

If you’re really wanting to attract your soul mate into your life because you’re ready to be a wife to a loving husband, then you need to live your life like he’s already on his way to you. Live like you have room for him to fit perfectly into your life.


Well it’s actually pretty simple. Instead of sleeping in the middle of your bed just because you’re single, sleep on one side of the bed, leaving space for that future husband of yours to lay. Instead of settling for men who play games, only look for relationships that match your vision of the type of relationship you want with your husband. If you’re into booty calls, well it’s time to shut that down and let the universe know you are ready for your REAL man to come into your life, not all these “extras”!

But besides physically making space, it’s also about your mentality. 

If you really want that dream guy, but you don’t trust easily… you’re not making room for anyone of great quality to come into your life. You have to shut down those mental blocks, stop being so closed off, and let your guard down. When you honestly believe that you’re dream guy is going to be perfect for you… and you truly believe he’s on his way, the universe will bring him to you. It’s up to you, though, to make sure you’re welcoming! So make room!

Live life like you’re dream is on it’s way to you right now!

The third way to manifest any dream is to constantly speak it into existence! It’s about saying those Positive Affirmations daily and speaking like it’s already there!

So when you wake up in the morning, go to the mirror and say, “I am healthy and fit, and I love my body!” Even if you’re not physically there yet, by you already being thankful for the body you do have, you’re sending a signal out to the universe letting it know that you’re grateful now, so you’ll definitely be grateful when you’re in your fit body.

Also, when you say positive affirmations, you start to really have a huge mindset shift. If you currently wake up and look in the mirror feeling disgusted, try waking up and saying, “I am beautiful! And I love myself!” Even if you don’t feel or believe those things yet, if you say it every single day, you truly will start to believe that. By you sending positive messages out, you’re going to receive positive things back.

It’s important for you to use words that speak your dream into existence, like it’s already there. So don’t use words like, “I hope,” or “I’ll try,” because those words have doubt wrapped all around them them.

Your main job in using these 3 steps is to only worry about believing!

If you truly believe that these dreams can become your reality, and you have firm faith that these things are already on their way into your life, then everything WILL happen for you!

Your job is NOT to worry about the how. Leave that part up to God & the universe. 😉

Stay positive, and do these 3 things daily. By the end of 2018, you’ll be SO glad you did!