Here are a couple of projects we'll be working on launching in 2018!

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the trooper chick lifestyle

This FREE online community is a place for amazingly strong women who’ve survived a difficult relationship, cheating, abuse, or heartbreak and want to connect with other women who are dedicated to becoming stronger on the other side of it. It’s for all the women who are ready to make a change in their lives, in their relationships, and be a Trooper Chick!

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Subscribe to the Krystalize It ™ Pocast for weekly inspiration and tips on how to maximize your potential! You'll be able to tune in and listen to Krystal and other experts give advice on how to be the best YOU possible. This will be one of THE BEST resources for you if you are serious about Krystalizing your life in all areas!

Launching January 2018! Listen here!

the kRYSTALIZed blog

Check out The Krystalized Blog for the latest stories, inspiration, and tips on how to Krystalize your life! You'll be able to read our latest posts on how to be the best YOU possible and how to maximize your potential in many areas of life. We'll talk about relationships, jobs, entrepreneurship, and SO much more! 

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Visit our Krystalize Me online store to shop for products to help Krystalize your life! You'll be able to find all sorts of things, from cell phone cases, to classroom favorites, to makeup, clothes, & accessories!

Launch date coming soon!