So you want to know how Krystalize It ™ came to be...

Well here it is- #TruthMoment: I've had a problem with shopping my entire life! Seriously, once I think something is the newest, greatest, and bestest product to have, I go out and I buy it! It's not a great habit, but hey at least I can admit it.

Why am I telling you this??? I promise, it's all a part of the story.

Well as shopping habits usually go, I have always wanted to keep up with the crowd and have the most up to date, fancy phones. So once it was time to upgrade, I did my research, and went to get the BEST phone out at the time: a Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge PLUS... in GOLD!!! (fancy right?) I was sure it would look like royalty! But even though it was golden, I didn't want the phone to get scratched up. So I got a case that I felt would accent on the grandness and gold color: a bright coral and gold case...

I was SO EXCITED to start going around with my new phone, and expected everyone to stop and say something about this royal gold freaking beast of a phone! And do you know... NOBODY noticed my phone? Not a soul. I spent all this time trying to get the best phone there was, and nobody even cared! To make matters worse... some random girl at work had the same exact case. Not. Cool.

It wasn't until Teacher Appreciation week that I realized what I had been doing wrong. One of my students brought me a gift to show her appreciation (so sweet!). I opened the gift, and it was a new cell phone case.  Y'all, it wasn't expensive... probably like a $5 case. It was just black and silver... but it was SHINY! Glittery! Bedazzled!!! Crystals were everywhere! It was SO me, and it totally matched my personality! The moment I put that new case on my phone, EVERYONE noticed my phone! People wanted to know what type of phone it was, where I got that beautiful case, and they were always complimenting me! 

So what had I been doing wrong?? 

I was just trying to get "the next best thing" that everyone else wanted, thinking I would impress people with my phone. But what I should have been doing was maximizing it's potential and making it the best possible version for ME and my unique style! That phone case was Krystalized y'all! Not just because it had crystals, and not just because it represented my style. It was Krystalized because it helped maximize my phone's potential! Krystalize It, to me, means making something the best possible version it can be! 

So that's why I decided to create an online brand: 

Krystalize It ™!!!

So that I can help people like you in MANY, many ways. Because you can literally Krystalize anything. Making whatever "it" is the best possible version it can be, and making it the best match for you and your unique style! You can Krystalize anything like a simple phone, or your businesses, or your relationships, or even your personality! Whatever "it" is, you can Krystalize It ™ !

It's time to Krystalize your life!

Now that I've explained my story and what Krystalize It ™ means, I want to help you Krystalize your life! I have started this website as a way to connect with you. I will be sharing lots of content with you to help you start maximizing your potential in many different areas of your life. I'm a pretty random person, with a lot of interests and hobbies. So I fully intend on helping you in multiple areas of life. You can expect plenty of tips, inspiration, suggestions, and content on how to Krystalize your life, and be your best self!

I am so excited you're here (and even more excited to know you've actually read ALL about the story behind Krystalize It ™!), and I know you're hoping to get help right away. So let's do this! Go ahead and join my exclusive email club to get the "inside scoop" on all things Krystalize It ™! Then click through the website to find some great content, and follow me on social media to get all of the latest info! You won't miss a thing.

If I’m the best you, and you’re the best me, we haven’t done a thing but make a whoopsie!

But if you’re the best you, and I’m the best me... we’ve done everything to be a most Krystalized WE!
— Krystal Waters, Founder of Krystalize It