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I'm Krystal Waters, 

Mindset & Breakup Coach, Founder of the Trooper Chick Lifestyle™, & host of the trooper chick podcast. I'm your long-distance BFF, your biggest supporter, and I'm here to help you get over your ex so you can move on and finally attract the REAL man you deserve

I've made it my mission to help you get everything you want in your future relationships by shifting your mindset & your beliefs into new ones that will serve you so much better! If you're tired of dealing with the same issues in your relationships, ready to get past the pain of your last relationship/breakup, and you're ready to make a change, I gotchu! Let's get started!

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Testimonials from some amazing trooper chicks!


I am so excited to have completed the course and evolve into this full-fledge TROOPER CHICK!!! After experiencing heartbreak, it devastated me and made it hard for me to see my worth and a future without someone I'd thought would never hurt me. I believe there was a point in time where I actually loved him more than I'd loved myself and TROOPER CHICK BOOTCAMP has helped me realize that that's not okay.We are worthy and we are TROOPER CHICKS! Krystal has given me guidance and has taught me to never put myself second to anyone or anything because if I can't love and respect me the way I'd like to be loved and respected, who will?

-Tamara W.


This course has changed my life forever! After dealing with cheating in my relationship, I really felt like I wasn’t meant to be loved and I started falling into a really dark place in my life. I feel like Krystal really swooped in just in time to save me from being depressed and from giving up on being in relationships. I’m just super grateful and happy that I took this course and became a Trooper Chick!!!!! It was totally worth every penny because seriously…. my happiness and my confidence in myself has gone through the roof! That's something I can’t even put a price on.


-Kinsley B.