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IF YOU’RE READY TO MAKE SOME CHANGES in yourself, your relationships, and your life...if you're READY TO DIG DEEP and DO THE WORK… then YOU’RE READY TO TRAIN IN Trooper Chick BOOT CAMP! 

Trooper Chick Boot Camp

Trooper Chick Boot Camp is a 7-day online self-study program designed to walk you through the steps of getting into the Trooper Chick Mentality!

In just 7 days, you'll get clarity on who you are and what you’re looking for in a relationship moving forward, you’ll learn how to start letting your inner Trooper Chick shine through, you’ll learn more about your worth, you’ll gain confidence, and you’ll learn how to start showing yourself love!

You can graduate from the course in just ONE WEEK, with your Trooper Chick Certification, and then you’ll be fully inducted into the Official Trooper Chick Lifestyle! 

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This course is all about healing from a bad breakup, learning to love yourself in the process, and taking back your power over your own life and your happiness.

So if you’re looking to get over your heartbreak, or if you know it’s finally time to start learning how to love yourself... then you're ready to start maximizing your potential when it comes to relationships! you're ready to go from having bad breakups... to having amazing Breakthroughs!

Breakups to Breakthroughs

Breakups to Breakthroughs is a 6-week group program designed to walk you through the help you get through the emotional stages of breakup grief, let go, and move on from your ex!

In just a few short weeks, you'll get clarity on who you are, how you handle relationships, and how to have healthy relationships moving forward.

We'll walk step-by-step through the breakup grief process, you'll reflect on your past relationships, re-evaluate what's been happening in your relationships, realize what it is you really want from your future partner, redefine yourself and your relationships, define your own happiness, take back your power, and learn to truly love yourself! You'll finally be able to move on with your life, and feel great doing it!