When people ask me what I do for a living, I say, “I’m an online entrepreneur.”

But what  really want to say is… 

“I teach online courses and show women how to become awesome Trooper Chicks who love themselves and live their best lives!”

And what I really, REALLY want to say is..

“I binge-watch Netflix series, record podcasts of myself talking about things that interest me, write fun blog posts, hang out on social media talking about relationships and other interesting life topics, talk to amazing women all day, and create digital guides and courses that are AWESOME!… because I like to have FUN with my work.”

I'm Krystal Waters,

and as you’ve probably guessed by now, teaching other ladies how to be their best selves and love themselves to the fullest is my favorite thing to do. All day, every day! 😉

Women come to me when they're feeling overwhelmed with life & relationships, not sure how to move forward after a breakup or how to get back to being happy. Together, we create new strategies for your relationship life that make you feel amazing & confident! Strategies that lead to you taking back your power over your life, loving yourself fully, and only doing things that seriously make you HAPPY!


Here’s the third person summary you usually get on an about page:

Krystal Waters is a mindset & break-up coach, educator, and online entrepreneur. She's the founder of the Trooper Chick Lifestyle™, a movement for women who are ready to take back their power after a difficult relationship, and the host of the Trooper Chick Podcast.

Krystal has a background in teaching, motivating, and coaching. Krystal earned her Bachelor’s degree in education. She’s taught hundreds of people from elementary-aged kiddos, to grandma’s-age adults. She’s very passionate about helping women recognize their worth, and designing a life that they’re happy with. She’s coached many people on getting through a breakup, building better relationships, and going after their dreams!

When not teaching online classes or coaching, she enjoys hanging out with her awesome family, spending time with her amazing boyfriend, playing fun games, and reading great books.


Wanna know more?

…or just looking for something to read to kill time? Here are 15 facts about me…


  1. I’m mixed up! I'm half Black & half White… sorry for those who thought I was hispanic!
  2. I’d kill for a great margarita, chips & queso ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!
  3. In college, I earned extra cash by working in a gift shop that was home to 2 mice (YUCK!)
  4. I am a Dallas, Texas native! And yes… I’m a huge Cowboys Fan!!! 🏈
  5. I’m a serious Choco-holic… I literally die if I don’t eat chocolate once a day!
  6. I freaking LOVE Sister Souljah’s books, and am constantly re-reading them.
  7. My favorite show right now is Shameless… I never get tired of watching their crazy lives!
  8. I have a thing for sparkly, glittery, shiny things! Especially if it’s gold! 😍
  9. I’ve been in some seriously CRAZY unhealthy relationships before. But became stronger in the end!
  10. My ex-roommate did the unspeakable to my bottle of Bacardi. (Thankfully I didn’t drink it!)
  11. I spend most days with my 2 cats Pepé Le Pew & Peanut! They're my furry children!
  12. I LOVE concerts and would go to one every week if I could!
  13. Grand Theft Auto 5 is probably what you’ll find me playing most weekends… that or Sims 4!
  14. I’m for sure going to have my own winery some day! 🍷
  15. I’m living proof that it’s never too late to make your dreams come true! Making a shift in your mindset can literally change the trajectory of your life, and put you on the path to start receiving everything you've ever dreamed of! Don’t worry about what other people expect from you, don't worry about what happened in your past. Just be your best self, live your best life, and focus on making YOU happy. When you’re happy and love yourself, that’s when life truly unfolds for you.


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